Revolution Control Room Consoles

Consoles Uniquely Designed and Built for a Purpose

Perfect for Rugged Applications

Revolution Console are our Purpose-built Series. This means that each console is unique and not the same. Your console is designed and built around your specific specifications that meet your team’s needs. Your customized console will revolutionize the way your control room operates.

Collaboration & Team Work

We encourage client input and collaboration during the design phase to ensure a great outcome. All components are manufactured in Houston on state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee quality, fit and finish. When clients visit our facility, they see the commitment, materials and workmanship that goes into each project.

Sound Product, Endless Possibilities

Operator consoles are a key element of every control room. If your project requires a Purpose-built solution, a direct relationship with your manufacturer is the key to completing your project on time and without costly delays. Evosite has no limits on design, manufacturing, materials or installation of your project. Every detail, including pre-assembly and installation is conducted by in-house personnel.

Your Vision is Our Vision

You will be pleasantly surprised with the professionalism and attention to detail Evosite brings to your team. We encourage your input and collaboration to ensure that the final design meets your specific requirements. All components are manufactured in Houston, Texas on state-of-the-art CNC machines to guarantee quality, fit and finish. We follow the industry’s Best Practices and have a thorough Quality Assurance Program. We encourage your inspections at any stage of the process to ensure complete adherence to your design intent.

Height Adjustable

All of Evosite’s height adjustable consoles are designed to meet the specifications and ergonomic standards set forth in ISO-11064. The ISO-11064 standard also outlines the proper flow of an operations center to optimize the health and safety of all control room personnel. Height adjustable consoles also offer better viewing angles in both a sitting and standing position. The Evosite design team is always keeping you in mind while creating the ideal furniture solution for your operations center.

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