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Designed with Operator Safety and Performance in Mind

Why Freedom?

When designing this console, we wanted to give your Operator as much flexibility and ease as possible. We wanted the console to work for the Operator, giving them the Freedom to operate efficiently and effectively. Freedom does just that.

Key Elements of Freedom

  • Height-adjustability of Console Work surface
  • Independent height-adjustable Monitors
  • Independent height-adjustable Video Wall
  • Touch-pad Controls
  • Acoustic Paneling for reduced noise
  • Curved work surface comfortable for 2 Operators or just 1
  • Cable Management throughout Console for all monitors leaves the Console free of wiring and a neat finish

Equipped with Ergonomics 

Every angle of this console is built with ergonomics in mind. With keeping your Operator alert and responsive, you reduces the risks of errors and increase your Operators' health.

Attention to Detail

You will be pleasantly surprised with the professionalism and attention to detail Evosite brings to your team. We encourage your input and collaboration to ensure that the final design meets your specific requirements. As with all of our other products, all components of Freedom is manufactured in Houston, Texas on state-of-the-art CNC machines to guarantee quality, fit and finish. We follow the industry’s Best Practices and have a thorough Quality Assurance Program. We encourage your inspections at any stage of the process to ensure complete adherence to your design intent.
Disclaimer: The Freedom design is still undergoing some improvements. These images are for informational purposes only and are subject to change.

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