Ergocon Control Room Consoles

Well Suited for Circular Arrangements & Remote Servers

Standard Configurations

Ergocon is designed for individual users and high traffic, central control rooms. These consoles can be arranged in various configurations – straight or radius, concave or convex. Above the worksurface, a height adjustable monitor rail can provide infinitely variable adjustment for monitors. Safety is always certain with the integrated collision protection system.

You're In Control

Ergocon can be well equipped with a Visual Display Control Panel to manage adjustments and settings. Operators enjoy having their own customized settings for worksurface height, viewing angle and distance. Our consoles are available with a single-level worksurface or a recessed monitor level with creates better viewing angles for large screen displays.

Maximize the Use of Your FloorSpace

Ergocon is especially well-suited for upgrading existing rooms. Its rectangular shape maximizes the use of available floorspace. Below the worksurface, Ergocon can be left open, configured for thin clients and video extenders or enclosed for large hardware devices and rack mounted gear. This might be the right console for your requirement!

Human Factors & Ergonomics

Ergocon sets a new standard in the most demanding 24/7 environments. Our solution offers the best possible ergonomics and adjustment options for sit-stand, monitor heights and viewing distances. It is especially suited for circular arrangements in central control rooms. Ventilated space below the worksurface houses and protects video extenders, KVM’s and micro-stations.

Optimal Viewing Angles & Distances

A heavy-duty monitor rail guarantees stable mounting of single or dual level monitors leaving worksurface open for other devices and operator tools. Large-volume chains protect sensitive cables. Optional electrical depth adjustment creates optimal viewing distance and angles. Technical pedestals below the worksurface house and protect sensitive equipment like tower PC’s and rack-mounted equipment.

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