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Concept Seating was born out of necessity. Overbuilt to be over-safe, Concept Seating combines ergonomics, comfort and durability to change the way people sit, 24/7. You may not notice it in the first 10 minutes, but you may after the first shift. You will certainly notice it after weeks, months and years of prolonged seating in a Concept Seating chair. You’ll just feel better. You just might not know why. The chair you have just been sitting with its Ergo Air Suspension System has kept the blood and oxygen flowing through your body. It ain’t meant to be pretty because it is built tough.


Offering comfort, quality and ergonomic support, you can guarantee this chair will exceed your expectations. Fully adjustable and loaded with features, this chair will change the way you feel about sitting.


This unique 24/7 intensive use chair combines the ability to have an intensive use task chair or a high back chair all in the same chair. Use the chair with a neck roll, headrest or lock the chair with a slight forward tilt and slide the headrest out of the way for support while doing desk work.


A task chair that handles 550lbs, comes with a 6 year warranty that takes care of normal wear and tear, adjustable lumbar, seat depth adjustment, 2:1 recline ratio tilt and adjustable back. This isn’t too good to be true, this is the 3150 from Concept Seating.


Combine the function of a task chair with the comfort of a high back, then add a wider seat base for more room. The result is the unique and versatile 3152HR. The head rest (or optional neck roll) easily slides out of the way when not needed, and a locked-forward chair setting can provide ergonomic support while doing desk work. The 3152HR from Concept Seating is sturdy, spacious and comfortable.


If you’ve ever wished your task chair was a little more roomy, the 3152 is for you. Standard lumbar, seat-depth and back adjustments, a 2:1 recline/tilt ratio, 550-pound weight capacity and a 6-year warranty covering normal wear and tear. The wide seat base provides additional space to move, grow, or both. Whatever the task, this 24/7 chair handles it with ease.


Engineered to handle double the standard weight capacity of the ANSI/BIMA X.511 bariatric standard (800lb). This chair is not just bigger and wider, but engineered from the ground up to be the new outright standard in bariatric seating. Features include tilt adjustment, back angle adjustment, seat depth adjustment, safety casters, adjustable lumbar support, and adjustable arms, put together with grade 8 bolts and of course utilizing Concept Seating’s acclaimed Ergo Air Suspension System.


The 3150 Operator Stool takes 24/7 seating to new heights. A stool height 24/7 chair with a 550 weight capacity and the Concept Seating warranty makes this a very unique chair. Chair is available with adjustable footrest, seat depth adjustment, optional headrest and available with glides rather than casters if needed.


If you need the height and want a headrest, look no further than the 3150HR Two-Step Task Stool. With adjustable headrest, seat depth, two-step footrest, and a 550-pound weight capacity, this model provides all the comfort and durability needed for a 24/7 intensive use stool.


The 3150 Two-Step Task takes 24/7 seating to new heights. This distinct stool-height intensive use chair handles up to 550 pounds and comes with adjustable two-step footrest and seat-depth adjustments. Stand firmly on the lower step for a better view, or rest your feet on the upper step while sitting.

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