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Your control room is the pulse of your organization and it’s asked to stand up to the most rigorous wear and tear; 24/7, 365. Debris, dust, and mold build up in and around your consoles and can become harmful to your employee’s health and safety, work environment, and overall equipment performance. Proper control room console cleaning and maintenance can help your equipment run more efficiently, reduce the possibility of equipment overheating, extend the life of your consoles, and increase productivity. 
EvoCare is not just deep console cleaning; we also tighten hinges and screws while also making sure your entire console is aligned properly. This extends the life of your consoles.
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EvoCare was specifically created for control room environments. With over 20 years of control rooms experience, we have an in-depth understanding of what is required to protect and increase the longevity of your investment.  Our control room cleaning and maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning of cavities, wires, cables, electrical equipment, AV systems, and accessories

  • Debris, dust, grime, and mold removal

  • Cable management

  • Zero downtime and minimal disruptions to surrounding areas. We clean 1-2 consoles at a time

  • Hinge repairs, console alignment

  • General repairs and replacements

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Our comprehensive control room design services can save you time and money by identifying complex challenges at the conceptual stage. Evosite reduces potential oversights or changes to keep your project on time and within budget.

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Why Evosite for Control Room Upkeep?

With over 20 years of experience to draw on, Evosite provides comprehensive control room solutions, products, and services for the digital era. They are purpose-built solutions that require experience and know-how to complete the project on time and without costly delays. At Evosite, pre-assembly and installation are conducted by in-house personnel. Our high-performance control room accessories deliver value, and we back it up with continued support after your purchase.

You may be looking to build a new control room, but are unsure where to start… You can count on our control console professionals to create the best layout based on the most important human factors for a 24/7 environment. We even know how to combine a series of smaller control rooms into a single collaborative room. We specialize in delivering custom control room solutions for your modern control room of tomorrow!

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